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Technical experiences with the Compaq Contura Aero

On these pages you find some information about the Compaq Contura Aero - a laptop computer which I own since 1994. Since some years the "tuning" of that old 486SL typewriter became a hobby of mine.

Many details were found on other sites and places:

Special thanks go to the excellent Compaq Contura Aero FAQ and Philip Wilk. And of course to the members of the Aero mailing list and its SysOp Doug DeJulio.

Uli Hansen

News and Comments


There's now a new section about "FreeDOS" on the Aero. This is for hackers. Good luck!


posted by Uli at 17.08.2006 - 05:25:00

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posted by Uli at 17.08.2006 - 04:57:58

7.08.2006 - 21:34:30

Thanks for the encouraging words! Uli.

30.07.2006 - 09:42:05

My 3/25 with 4 mb rame and 115mb hd running at 25 mhz ran this very well this is the best thing on my contura

30.07.2006 - 09:31:54

This is the best site ever

14.06.2006 - 17:44:47

Found it today haha lucky :)

19.03.2006 - 13:14:24

Thanks! ;-) Uli

18.03.2006 - 00:59:11

An excellent website being viewed on an compaq contura 420 cx (of similar age)via a wireless network.

16.03.2006 - 19:08:52

Hello Uli, you've made a great job for this old Contura.How can we contact you?

22.01.2006 - 10:25:28

Thanks for the compliment! :-) Of course the contributions come from people all over the world - I just collected them. Best regards, Uli.

22.01.2006 - 09:29:35

very interesting web page plenty of information i thank all those who support it. Es lebe Deutschland


The Aero List is back! That's good news!

16.12.2005 - 04:58:49

Lust got a fresh copy of Win 98 on my 4/33c and found this site very helpful. Best Regards... Tyler K.
tyler_kramka _a t_ sbcglobal.net

12.11.2005 - 20:29:27

I´ve got a aero too !

9.11.2005 - 05:35:20

Your site is great! Also, I think it would be nice if you have your "linux on the aero" in a single .zip file...


The Brandenburger Linux User Group put together nice page about updating the aeros cmos-battery (in german language). As it is a wiki, some aeronauts may be welcome to add their experiences.

18.10.2005 - 20:24:26

Great site, I have the same Compaq Aero and I would like to use the Compaq 2833 floppy drive with a Compaq nc8000 under XP. Do you know a Driver that will work under XP? Regards, Jean-Pierre

5.10.2005 - 23:47:29

Sorry, I've got no information about using the aero's display as a spare monitor. The color-display of the 4/33 Contura Aero is a Tottori SANYO LM-BE53-22NEK E158194. If you find a way, please send a note. Of course it is possible to use the aero under linux as ssh-terminal to log into another device. It might also be possible to use the aero as x-client. Good luck! Uli

5.10.2005 - 19:22:48

Uli - thanks for the helpful site. I have a Q: is it possible to use the Aero's display as a spare monitor for a PC?

27.09.2005 - 02:27:04

Dank deiner Seite laeuft mein Aero Latop mit Windows 95 und Sound :D Spasseshalber hab ich auch mal Firefox installiert, der brauchte allerdings sage und schreibe 10 Minuten zum starten. Hier ein Screenshot. Danke fuer diese tolle Seite!


Drew a logo for the SeaMonkey-Project. Maybe you like it too...

25.07.2005 - 18:25:31

I have made an icon of Contura Aero. I use it alongside with Calmira, instead of the usual "My Computer" icon that Calmira normally features. It's cool to click the Aero icon in order to see your disks and files... Should anybody wish to have the icon, e-mail me! arisoue (pavloskotronakis_a t_yahoo.com)

8.06.2005 - 18:42:14

Thanks for the nice comment! :-) Uli

7.06.2005 - 20:48:24

Thank you for this site! From an old Aero diehard!

12.05.2005 - 07:55:20

Hi Uli, Klasse Seite zum Aero. Vielleicht kannst Du mir helfen, habe gerade gemailt, Tschuess Wolle

9.05.2005 - 18:30:28

i got a question here about my aero is there a microsoft drawl or paint or anything at that matter


Wrote a summary about using Windows XP with Apache WebDAV webfolders. Took some days to find this out. Maybe of use for other "aero-server-admins".


Upgraded this servers harddisk to a Samsung 30GB. Works fine and quiet in the aero. Check it out!

7.04.2005 - 00:32:57

Hello: I have an Aero 4/33 with 12mb ram and 250 mb hd. It's in great shape and has a docking station, all the orginal software, a mobile port extender, working battery (replacement), floppy drive, and slip case. I'd like to sell it and wonder if you know of any interested buyers. Thank you SE White sewhidbey_ a t _gmail.com


An essay about Joseph Weizenbaum and a videostream of the whole interview can be found here.


Last week I had the honor to meet Joseph Weizenbaum. A report about it can be seen next sunday 9.05 a.m. on german TV station ZDF.

19.02.2005 - 18:50:08

Look at my page about the internal speaker. This is the only sound you get - you also might buy a pcmcia-soundcard.

19.02.2005 - 17:57:38

I recently purchased a Compaq Aero 4/33c off of E-bay. It works great but there is no sound!! How do I turn it on? THANKS Pam

28.01.2005 - 23:15:02

I'm online with it with 8MB and Win3.311, Opera for surfing, Eudora for mail, Mirc for chat and Telnet for connect to my server. :)

26.01.2005 - 02:46:43

Oh I forgot: You connect through an external (serial port) modem, an 16-bit PCMCIA modem card, a 16-bit PCMCIA - lan-card (if you are already connected to the net in your LAN) or with a 16bit PCMCIA wireless lan card. Uli.

26.01.2005 - 02:42:40

Hmm. Websurfing is possible but not very fast. You should have the (still expensive) 16MB-RAM-Extension. The installation of IE5 with less than 12 MB is not a good idea. Buying an aero for online-activity is a bad choice, as it's screen has only 16 colors and the graphics are very slow. E-Mail is OK with MS Mail or Outlook Express. I think a still good purpose for the machine is being a lightweight and absolute calm (if you build in a modern hdd) typewriter. And of course a GNU / linux - server... ;-) Uli

26.01.2005 - 01:41:38

I love your website...and i don't even have an Aero. I am thinking of buying one though...can you go online with them...specifically, can you surf the web and if so, how do you connect?

17.01.2005 - 20:58:33

Sorry, it's right before me, but I'm not an electrician. Please ask the newsgroup at news://news.aisb.org/aisb.lists.aero I know there's at least one electrician in there. Good luck! Uli

17.01.2005 - 19:03:34

Thanks for nice web site ... just bought an Aero on ebay but no AC adaptor: do you know if it's positive in the middle? scared to try it! thanks again.


Had some technical problems with my dsl-router, so the site was offline for the last 24 hours. Sorry for the inconvenience.

8.01.2005 - 21:52:00



Have a nice christmas !

1.12.2004 - 21:55:16

The use of cardbus-pcmcia-cards is NOT possible. Take a look in the FAQ for more info. The pcmcia-slot is only 16bit so it is physically impossible.

30.11.2004 - 22:55:49

can i install a cardbus in aero o centura?thanks

25.11.2004 - 15:38:53

Hi Uli, a friend of mine gave me a "dead" Aero 4/33C she had in house and that she couldn't turn on 'cause the battery pack was dead. Do you think I can make rhe machine turn on again,just trying to connect a proper externa power supply even without the battery pack? Please answer to marco.forgiarini_ a t _embitalia.org.br. Thanks a lot. Marco

19.11.2004 - 21:29:31

You have accidently inserted a space in the address. It's: ftp://ftp.microsoft.com/softlib/mslfiles/speak.exe Works without problems for me. Good luck! Uli

19.11.2004 - 18:49:06

this page can no more be found! ftp://ftp.microsoft.com/ softlib/mslfiles/speak.exe

7.11.2004 - 15:20:48

Thx Uli! Mem is very expensive :-( And there are no Batt in my country's e-bay, so the transport from outside will cost a lot too. So, I'll let my loved Aero untouched for doing my university practs in BorlandC and Turbo ASM, and being a dumb terminal of my server (textmode rulez!) ;-))

7.11.2004 - 02:52:29

Hi Andreu, batteries for the aero are available from ebay (new ones) as it is a standard model for many compaq laptops. I bought my 16 MB-Modules all at memory4more.com, worked fine. Please remember the BIOS-Battery - it causes many people a lot of trouble. Linux is best used without X - it's just too slow. But nice to hear that someone tried again this hack on that old machine. :-) Uli

6.11.2004 - 23:04:45

Oups, before I referred to a supply battery, not the BIOS batt. And BTW, would be possible to find easily and cheapily (hehe) a 16MB upgrade? Mine has 8MB, and DOS works fine, Win3.11 with NET a bit slow, and Linux (Linux Caldera in my case) veryvery slow :-( (Andreu again)

6.11.2004 - 23:02:03

These days I'm giving back to life an Aero that a friend wanted to trash... I'm very happy with it, I've recently bought a 550MB HDD, and yesterday I changed de CR1220 before it dies, hehe!. Will be possible to find a battery for it? In your super-aero-page I think that you don't talk about it :-( Thx, Andreu from Catalunya.

3.11.2004 - 13:11:06

Moin Uli, thanks again for your fast help and advice yesterday. Thanks to you my Aero is back alive! For all the others who have problems that the Aero only boot to memory count take a look at Ulis CMOS-Help: http://ulihansen.kicks-ass.net/aero/cmos-help.htm Thanks again and kind regards Torben


Happy birthday Aero-List!
Born on the 16th of September 1994 the aero-mailing-list celebrates it's 10th birthday. Read about the history of the list and find a collection of all available mails.

30.09.2004 - 12:46:59

1. Windows XP doesn't run on an aero - so I assume you want to use the floppy with another computer. 2. Sorry. The floppy does not seem to work with another computer AFAIK. There had been various tries (read for instance the thread "pcmcia-floppy" by James Veltri, started 27.11.01 in the aero-newsgroup). Please give a feedback if you manage to get it to work though. Good luck! Uli

30.09.2004 - 09:58:11

i need contura aero pcmcia floppy drive driver for win xp


Yesterday I met Richard Stallman. Read my report at http://www.heute.de


The list is back!


Seems there is still some trouble with the aero-newsgroup. I am at the moment not very active with these pages here - I am busy writing an 80 pages essay about the free software-movement. Hope I will find more time for the aero-pages soon.

19.08.2004 - 18:52:37

sorry, the compaq contura is a different computer than the aero. I don't know anything about that problem. Hope you get it fixed. Good luck! Uli

16.08.2004 - 16:03:07

just aquired a compaq contura. I cannot get into it. A key symbal shows in the upper left hand corner..aaaaaaaargg


The aero-newsgroup on aisb.org is up again since last saturday. Doug DeJulio wrote he did some testing about robots consuming the capacity of his server. He also wrote he will exchange his server to a more powerful one in the next weeks.


I constantly receive mails about the well-known-symptoms of corrupt CMOS-chips (aero boots till memory count and freezes). Please take care to change the CMOS-battery as soon as possible.

I have today made up a page with suggestions how to address this problem. Please take a look there. This page wouldn't have been possible without all the contributions of the community of the aero-newsgroup. Thanks a lot!

28.05.2004 - 23:19:30

Dear Uli I didn't take you advice. The CMOS battery died and no I can only boot to memeory count. How can I restore Bios? Yours aaron cool.breeze_ a t _ntlworld.com


The aero-newsgroup on aisb.org seems to be down since a few days. Doug DeJulio is running this now for more than seven years, so let's wait and see... ;-)


Whoever wants to use debian on the aero has now a much easier way to go: You can download my aero-proof custom kernel & pcmcia-modules here.


Sorry, had some downtime this morning (pcmcia-network-card wasn't inserted correctly).

7.05.2004 - 19:19:59

Sorry, electric diagrams of the aero are not available AFAIK. Please notice me if you find one. Sorry again. Uli

5.05.2004 - 23:42:57

I need a diagram of the flexible display conector, please helpme. Thanks Sorry it´s my mail: aastetemuller_ a t _hotmail.com

5.05.2004 - 23:37:45

I need a diagram of the flexible display conector, please helpme. Thanks

26.04.2004 - 11:35:43

My Compaq Aero Contura was stolen in South Africa. I was very sad, thought it was great to use - I am a journalist. One thing my son misses is the Chess programme on it. Anyone prepared to share it with me? linvanti_ a t _aol.com

25.04.2004 - 22:14:25

Hi Byron, the slot for the additional memory can be found at the back of the aero. Look into the FAQ, chapter for more information. You also should update the bios to sp1992. Good luck! Uli

20.04.2004 - 19:08:20

Dear Uli, I bought a 16MB Ram Chip to update my Aero. Do you have on how I can install it myself. Thanks. Byron


The aero now runs debian 3.0 instead of redhat 7.1. Check it out at netcraft.


Added a new page about advanced power management under linux on the aero.


The server hat some downtimes the last two days. That was because we got windows now. New windows. Not by bill gates. But in our living room. New shiny double-glass windows. :-) Unfortunately the server hangs just beneath one window so I had to plug it out for some time. Sorry for any inconviences.

4.03.2004 - 22:30:51

Dear Mr. Hansen, Thanks for the information you sent to me about my Contura Aero. I had a couple of questions. 1)If I purchase the 16MB expansion-module, can I add this to the 8MB already in the computer so I have a total of 24MB of RAM or do I need to replace the 8MB with the 16MB? Also, "Office 97" will it run with only that much RAM? My e-mail address is NAKAMURAF011_ a t _hawaii.rr.com Byron K. Nakamura

16.02.2004 - 20:46:51

Thanks for the tip with covox sound player. Currently I am not working on optimizing sound on the aero any more (I am still working on my linux learning curve...). But it may be interesting for all the others who read my pc speaker-page, so thanks a lot!!! Uli

16.02.2004 - 20:41:34

Freut mich! Das war der Sinn der Sache. Es ist zu schade, wenn die Geraete wegen so eines trotteligen Versaeumnisses endgültig den Geist aufgeben - ist mir auch fast passiert :-/. Alles Gute! Uli

16.02.2004 - 18:15:08

Danke für den Tip für die passendes cmos-Batterie!! Mein 4/33 läuft wieder wie geschmiert. Grüße aus Berlin Uwe


Did you know? Additional information about linux on the aero can be found in the last chapter of my linux-pages - for instance the use of ext2/ext3 on a kernel 2.2-system, tips for samba and noisy harddisks. Just take a look... ;-)

Konfuzius says ...

... change the cmos-battery!

It is a CR-1220 available in every camera-store for 2 or 3 EUR or $. The original cmos-battery is now nearly 10 years old and at the end of its lifecycle. If it fails, it will be soon the end of the aero - the cmos will forget all its content. The aero will then only boot till memory count and won't go any further. A repair is then much more difficult if not impossible. :-(

16.02.2004 - 11:55:56

have you heared about the covox sound player ? it is an inexpensive soud card fort parallel port (need only resistor to make it ),windows driver are aviable and this sound very better then pc speaker.

5.02.2004 - 21:10:09

Dear Mr. Uli, I recently purchased a Compaq Contura Aero 4/33C. It is a 486, has 8.0 MB Ram, Win 95 4.0, a PCMIA card slot. I wanted to know will I be able to put Word and Excel on this computer with what I have and if yes, how would I go about doing this? All I will be doing with it is word processing and basic excel. My e-mail address is: NAKAMURAF011_ a t _hawaii.rr.com Byron K. Nakamura


The papercraft-aero is available again. Look at my link-list...

25.01.2004 - 21:38:30

:-) Thanks a lot! Uli

25.01.2004 - 16:02:49

Very Very complete site!!!! have looked all over the inet for a site like yours!! all I can say: Great Work m8!!! Thx 4 all the effort!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -another Aero lover:D

21.12.2003 - 15:41:59

16 MB Module can be ordered internationally at: http://www.memory4more.com/show.cgi?ID=comp0513.htm,76350767 I bought 5 or 6 Modules over the time there. Very fast, very reliable. I just tell my experiences... Uli

19.12.2003 - 21:03:28

Where can I buy 16MB RAM for my Compaq? I live in South Africa. Andre Kriel

24.11.2003 - 05:42:22

lol, my mail is ratonperez (at) netgate (dot)com(dot) uy

24.11.2003 - 04:50:39

mhmhmhmh... its beeing hardly for me to get a power suppy for my aero ( uruguay) y was wondering if i can substitute it with some other... or if i can reuse the lcd display in other things... well, tnx anyway, its a good resourse page what u got here...

20.11.2003 - 22:18:33

Try: ambry.com Give in the part number into the search field in the upper left corner. It is 50$. The link: http://www.ambry.com/compaq/html/pages/contura_aero.html#cables

20.11.2003 - 19:22:50

Sorry i forgot to correct my text "I mean Cabel between screen"

20.11.2003 - 19:19:56

Hi beautiful page!! I still have a problem and would solve it but I don´t know what to do. I bought a Compaq Aero 4/25 from a friend but he gave me parts. Now I want to build it together but the Kabel thin Kabel of between Board and Screen was cut. Can you help me and give me an adress or tip where I can get those Cabels?

7.11.2003 - 18:21:38

thank you !!! very usefull

3.10.2003 - 18:20:33

Cannot get F10 key to go into setup.Any suggestions? hjones9_ a t _columbus.rr.com

25.09.2003 - 14:11:45

The email can be found now at the bottom line of the first page (home). I am looking forward to your question. ;-)

19.09.2003 - 15:43:31

Hi! Great page! Could you post your current e-mail address here? I would like to ask your opinion about a possible install method, but it does not fit here. Thanks. Christian, Hungary

31.08.2003 - 17:26:03

Done. ;-)

29.08.2003 - 14:31:52

Hi Uli, can you make a page for Aero users describing installation of 10 GB drive in Aero, what is necessary, etc... And, please mention if it is possible to dual boot linux + DOS (at least some small partition ~50MB) with ezdrive or not. (I don't want to buy 10GB drive if it won't work. ;-) Thanks. Stefan.

16.08.2003 - 00:10:09

Thanks! Uli

2.08.2003 - 23:07:43

This is a great website easy to get where you want i love the navigation-

22.07.2003 - 15:19:19

Uli, thanks for your fast reply. I can't find a way past the non-system disk error. It says remove disk and hit key to retry, which then leads to the same error. All I can do is escape during boot-up into the Compaq utilities. All the tests in the utilities are passed OK. When I exit the utilities, I get straight back to the non-system disk error. I can't get to a DOS prompt to try your suggestions. Any further help would be appreciated to acook_ a t _generacpp.co.uk thanks.

21.07.2003 - 17:17:35

Hi Andrew, would be a good idea to ask the question to news://news.aisb.org/aisb.lists.aero You also should look if: Win 3.1 is on the primary partition? The primary partion is activated? and if the files command.com and msdos.sys on c:\ are ok. A good idea would be to do a "sys c:" from a system-floppy. Theres also a feature in the bios that lets you choose a non-dos-harddisk, this also shouldn't be activated (and normally isn't). Would nice to have personal email for further discussing, these comment-forms are way to narrow... ;-) Uli

21.07.2003 - 16:40:04

I have aquired an aero4/25, which would be ideal for mobile word processing. I tried to upgrade to win 95, but unfortunatly lost power before it completed. I was then left in limbo since neither 3.11 or 95 would start. A colleague suggested re-formmatting the hard drive, reinstalling 3.11 and then repeating the upgrade. Bad move! I now get 'non-system disk' message when I reboot, even if the floppy drive is empty. I have tried the compaq set-up and diagnostic utilites, but can't find a way forward. Please help! Antony.

18.07.2003 - 01:34:15

What's up with winlink? Uli

18.07.2003 - 01:33:14


2.07.2003 - 10:10:09

Wow, ich dachte nicht, daß sich noch irgend jemand auf dieser Welt für den Aero interessiert. Deine Seite ist echt Spitze! Bis vor einem Jahr hatte ich das Ding nur noch als Druckerspooler mißbraucht, dann ist es rumgelegen, kürzlich wiederentdeckt...

1.07.2003 - 11:44:46

would it be possible to upgrade the aero youtr self, to maybe a Duron or Celeron?

28.06.2003 - 18:37:43

Thanks for your advice, I will try your method. Stan.

24.06.2003 - 15:41:49

Hi Stan, You are correct. This may well be the BadRAM-error mentioned on my Linux-Pages. Try to find the appropriate patch for your kernel-version or install a different kernel with the patch. friendly yours Uli

22.06.2003 - 03:50:33

Aiya, Uli. I use dmy PC to install RedHat 9.0 in my harddisk, but when I start my aero after puting the harddick back, everytime when it start to load, it jumps back to test RAM again.... I have 20M on board.... is that the RAM matters and course this error? Stan.

19.06.2003 - 23:20:53

anyone know how is possible put one desktop HD into the AERO??? What is the pins? and how to get 12v inside the aero to the HD?

28.05.2003 - 22:48:09

hi man: thanks to your great site, i'm almost decide to buy an aero in a flea market in order to put it to work for me. thanks for your patience building this site

25.05.2003 - 23:17:09

Hi Stan, Yes you're right. The aeros harddisk is used as only one in the desktop for installing red hat 7.1. I unplugged the others. Generally the aeros hdd must be the first one (hda) in the desktop. friendly yours Uli

25.05.2003 - 18:43:25

Uli, Stan here, could you tell me.... in the section where you install redhat 7.1 you plug in your harddisk into your desktop for installation, is that only that harddisk the only harddisk in the desktop? stanphfan_ a t _hotmail.com

13.05.2003 - 22:25:55

Great webside! Keep on studying the whole secrets and the mistery world of the one and only all-satisfying laptop, Uli! Greets from Cölbe, Germany AerosRAMazotti

10.05.2003 - 19:59:27

HI Uli, It is me Stan again, recently very busy at my work so no time to touch my aero.. Thank you for your reply, I will do something on my aero next weekend, will let you know if there is any progress.

9.05.2003 - 16:39:52

Vielen Dank für die wertvollen Tips. So kann selbst einem Amateurschrauber geholfen werden. Stephan

9.05.2003 - 01:45:50

Hallo1 Suche dringend ein Displayscharnier (rechts) für meinem Cuntura Aero 4/33C. Wr kann mir helfen? MfG Laszlo l.lazarewitz_ a t _onlinehome.de

1.05.2003 - 15:48:37

Hi, habe selber einen aero 486 sl. monitor ist leider kaputt. kannst du mir ein paar tips geben, wie man das chassis aufmacht un den monitor wechselt ? meine e-mail: venturinip_ a t _tim.it besten dank im voraus

1.05.2003 - 14:24:32

Thanks for your website on the old compaq contura. I myself bought an old one a few years back -- but almost never used it. Now I will use it with my (i-mode) phone with GPRS-connection, to have some sort of internet access when I am on holidays. Also, I use FaxAmatic to send and receive faxes using my mobile on this compaq. If the computer get stolen, it will have cost me only just about 50 euro... Regards, Arjen Merckens

26.04.2003 - 23:22:14


19.04.2003 - 11:56:56

Hi Stan, great to hear that! :-) If you find out additional things about linux on the aero than described here, a hint on the linux-pages, a mail to me or the aero-newsgroup would be great. And, as I am still working on my linux-installation, mail me, if you have questions. friendly yours , Uli

18.04.2003 - 19:36:06

Bingo! just finsihed installing linux (mulinux) I think I will try install Mandrake 9.1 or RedHat 9.0 and see if they work on Aero too. Stan from HK.

18.04.2003 - 11:45:03

that is a very informative site, I cant wait to install Linux to my Areo, got a 4G drive, but no CDROM

12.04.2003 - 02:11:00

Hi Jan Discovered this page, in the end? Great! :-)) Impressing, getting wlan to work with the aero. Thought you have to fiddle win98se on it! Have fun in the cafes! I had a hard time getting sendmail to run on my linuxserver, seems to work now, phhh! byby, Uli

11.04.2003 - 00:31:49

Hi Uli, just installed the Netgear MA 401 WLAN Card on my Compaq. Easy work. Works fabulous. Now the good old Typewriter will also work in a nice WLAN Cafe. Just be sure you have Win 95B or Linux. Best Little B. Jan

31.03.2003 - 23:01:50

Hi, Uli! Great site! By far the best as regards the Aero! Have downloaded Compaq Windows Display Support from the "original software" link, but when I tried to run the program on my 4/33 c I got a message reeading "current controller not supported. Press OK to abort"!!! I aborted-but can it be original software? Compaq seems not to support its own products... Anyway, have you perhaps any idea as to where to find video drivers for my old machine? Many thanks in advance! Pavlos, Athens, Greece - pavloskotronakis_ a t _yahoo.com

20.02.2003 - 14:37:19

I have a 433/c that I have a pcmcia sound card - card is recognized, sound iss just not coming through. Any suggestions on my midi setup for win 3.1??



So visit my new section "Linux on the aero" !

This website is proof that it works! It is hosted on an aero 4/25 with a 6 GB hdd and 20 MB RAM, with a LAMP-System consisting of RedHat Linux 7.1, Kernel 2.2, Apache 2.0, MySQL and PHP. Test it!

18.02.2003 - 07:36:32

Sorry - the papercraft contura aero seems to be offline - did anybody safe a copy? I am still searching in my files... :.-( Uli

17.02.2003 - 22:32:10

Hallo Uli, Der Link zu http://isweb37.infoseek.co.jp/diary/tetsuzo2/papercraft/aero/aero.gif ist immer noch tot. ... Schade.. wollte mir unbedingt mal ansehen wie sowas aussieht... Kymin (CU_ a t _the-newsgroup)

13.02.2003 - 13:29:03

Hähh?! Uli

12.02.2003 - 16:39:48

what are 35 internal Pc componets

1.02.2003 - 00:57:42

hi my name is rob would you happen to no the pin out for the 9"5 cstn moniter

31.01.2003 - 14:52:30

Hi! nice to hear you got win 95 installed!!! The floppy-drive is a common problem with the aero. Read closely the faq. There are more than one reasons for this behaviour: Check if you have an 01xxx-series-floppy (the number on the upper right corner of the label on the backside of the floppy-drive). It has a hardware-defect. You may repair it with a software patch, SP1350. Check if the drive works in dos if the the floppies-pcmcia-card is inserted before boot. It is supposed to. Under windows 95 install the two Softpacks SP1329 and 1350. Afterwards upgrade SP1329 (supplemental Software) to a more recent version, for instance with SP 3223. Read the Section " PCMCIA, the floppy drive, and getting it to work" in the FAQ carefully. The important thing is to manually configure the floppy controller in Device Manager with I/O range: 03F0 - 03F5 I/O range: 03F7 - 03F7 Int. Req: 06 friendly yours uli

31.01.2003 - 09:22:15

I had the hard drive replaced on my Aero, but now find that the floppy disc does not work. Do you know how I could fix this problem? Thanks

31.01.2003 - 01:31:59

? Thanks for your help before. I have now loaded Win95 onto my Contura Aero 4/33. Now I'm having trouble getting the pcmcia floppy drive to read any disks. I tried the two softpaq downloads that are on your site, but if I can't get the floppy to read them, I'm stuck again. How do I load either of the softpaqs when my floppy says "disk not formatted, do you want to format?" Any help would be appreciated. thanks, ppritchard_ a t _cfl.rr.com

22.01.2003 - 13:40:02

I have a 4/33 aero since it was new. I've just tried to load windows 95 from a set of floppies. Everything seemed to work during the install. But when I try and boot-up I get an error message: "Invalid Vxd Dynamic Link from 10s(o3)*00000bsd to device "page file", service 7. Then something about my windows configuration being wrong? Any help would be appreciated. Love your site and those you recommend. ppritchard_ a t _cfl.rr.com

2.01.2003 - 05:51:16

I just purchased a compaq contura aero 4/25 and when I turn it on it shows the windows 95 opening screen then it goes to a screen which says New Hardware found, Microsoft ps/2 port mouse, windows has found new hardware and is installing the software for it. It never goes any further than that. Do you know what I should do? PJ ppwjj_ a t _aol.com

19.12.2002 - 23:48:24


25.11.2002 - 06:04:15

Man My COmaq 4/25 was getting pretty boring.. Thanks for making this web sight.The Star wars desktop is a great Idea. Again thank you

25.11.2002 - 01:32:27


18.11.2002 - 14:00:36

I have a contura aero 4/33c, lost all original software and kids got hold of pc,deleted out stuff now nothing works.I tried loading win 95 but it ask for a driver that is suppose to be on original disk bought with laptop,I no longer have this,can you tell me where I can buy all the original disk to reload in my laptop

14.11.2002 - 12:20:44

I think this website is great but I want to mention that there is a DOS program that supports playing MP3 files via the internal speaker/ pc speaker (without converting it to WAV). The program is called DSS and if you want it, I can send it to you. Greetings from The Netherlands. Jo Luijten, j.j.w.luijten_ a t _students.uu.nl

14.11.2002 - 16:37:49

Thanks for the information! ;-). Wish I knew that sooner. Currently I am doing with redhat 6.1 as I encountered problems with woody. Nice to hear that you had success with installing linux on the aero, when I began with it, I had some doubts... Friendly yours, Uli

14.11.2002 - 00:10:04

-=# same as above, but english #=- Hi, i once successfully installed debian 2.x on my 4/25. Older versions of Debian (Woody wouldn't, i guess) brought a special lowmem-disk, enabling Linux to boot on machines <6MB and make an installation. Regards Torsten

14.11.2002 - 00:06:40

Hi, ich habe mal erfolgreich debian 2.x auf meinem 4/25 installiert. Die alten Debiane (Woody wohl nicht mehr) haben eine spezielle lowmem-disk dabei, mit der Linux auch auch Rechnern <6MB gestartet und installiert werden kann. Gruß Torsten

13.11.2002 - 16:24:49

You can't get cracks here. I don't distribute serial numbers. I am learning linux ;-). Uli

13.11.2002 - 15:28:49

Does anyone have full version of SpkQQ (or crack/serial for it)? Thanks in advance!

2.11.2002 - 12:52:06

thanks for the page do you know about mod music ? This is also a way to listen to music on a speaker j.lahmy_ a t _caramail.com

31.10.2002 - 14:45:16

What a relief. Finally someone collected all the stuff that I used to go looking all over the internet for. BTW what a neat page, nice and tidy. And I just love the wildest dream. R2D2 is what I've always wanted for my 4/33C... Best regards Viggo Wichmann

25.10.2002 - 15:58:44

Hello, Congratulations for you Aero site. Can you help me about mouse driver? You refer a mouse driver for win3.11, but I need for win95. Where I can download, because generic win95 driver is to slow? Tanks pitatos_ a t _clix.pt

14.10.2002 - 18:43:39

Thanks! I tried it with opera and: you're right. I will see, how to repair it. Must have to do something with javascript. Anyway you have access to the whole site via the bottom line of each page. sincerely Uli.

14.10.2002 - 13:32:27

Fine pages - it's a bit like visiting an old wellassorted museum. Pages like these are keeping the old Aero alive... I have a little critic: Your leftframe are invisible when using the Opera browser (Ver. 6.05). Best Regards Flemming Jensen

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