R2D2 meets the Aero

Didn't you remember that episode?
It's still to come, says George Lucas ;-)

Linux Startup-Screen

Yoda sitting before the dark side of the aero's motherboard talking yoda talk.

Tested on Red Hat 7.1. Needs Lilo version 21.4.4-13 or better. Simply copy the file to /boot, change /etc/lilo.conf to have a line "message=/boot/yodatux.pcx" and run "lilo -v".

It enhances linux-performance a lot: Yoda makes the aero run a little bit wiser. ;-)

Windows-Wallpapers for 16 colors / greyscales

C3PO- Wallpaper for the Contura Aero 486SX-33C
It looks different on a 16 colors-screen, than on your desktop at home

R2D2- Wallpaper for the Contura Aero 486SX-33C, but maybe also used with the 4/25BW

R2D2- Wallpaper for the Contura Aero 4/25BW

A nice R2-picture for your cellphone? I loaded it to my Siemes ME45. Think perhaps everything that beeps is related to that little robot... ;-)

Sounds for the aeros internal beeper

More starwars-sounds can be found at this place! (Thanks, Jar Jar !)


(this is indeed the aeros voice!)
Language: International
Size: each around 10 KB.

Darth Vader-Music

Language: International
Size: zipped, 129 KB


Language: International
Size: 28 KB.


Language: german
Size: zipped, 276 KB.

Other sounds

Language: german
Size: zipped, 84 KB.

May the force be with your aero... ever!

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