Important tools
and system software

Softpaqs seem to be more and more unavailable for this old machine. Please try this

local mirror

if you have difficulties downloading your chosen softpaq. UH, 01.05.2008.

In the years between 1994 and 1996 Compaq has released more than 60 MB of so called "softpaqs" - software-updates and patches to improve the performance of the aero.

Specially people, who bought their aero second hand and in a bad condition find in this pool all the system-software, they need.

Warning - System-software has to be used and installed with care.

I did not try out all of these softpaqs. I can not guarantee for the completeness of this list. Many softpaqs are orginally intended for the compaq contura aero, but some are not.

So first read the textfile related to the softpaq you wish to install, read the FAQ and backup your data before you begin the installation.

Good luck!

Softpaqs sorted from number

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