for Windows 95

Softpaqs recommended 
by Compaq and the AeroFAQ:

All necessary PCMCIA-drivers are included in SP1329.EXE "Portables Supplemental Programs for Windows 95", described in the Supplemental Programs Section. After the installation feel free to update the Supplemental Programs with Version 2.04C like described in this section.

On the picture above you see the Compaq PC Card Manager included in this softpaq.



To correct problems with the PCMCIA-Floppy-drive you also need the SP1350.EXE "Fix Contura Aero PCMCIA Floppy Drive in Windows 95", described in the Patches Section. 



Other Softpaqs:

Compaq also distributed SP2024.EXE which brought the SystemSoft Card Wizard, with the same functionality as described in the PCMCIA-Drivers for DOS/Windows 3.1 Section. 

Personally I can not recommend the installation of SP2024.EXE. The PCMCIA-Floppy drive wasn't usable after the installation any more. Windows 95 complained about missing drivers. Maybe others get it to work - the Card Wizard sounds interesting because of its ability to connect the insertion of a card with a special sound or the launch of a special application.

1,37 MB
Compaq PCMCIA Support (for Windows 95) Ver: 1.00 Rev. C

The drivers included on this diskette contains the PCMCIA support for for Windows 95 for Armada 1100, and 4100.
Notes: Not available from the compaq ftp-server anymore