Access to DOS-partitions

To have access to other partitions than the linux-root partition, you have to "mount" (load) them like we did with the floppy drive.

So I edited the file "/etc/fstab"

This is the file that defines all partitions that should be mounted from start or later with all their options and mount points.

My recent file "/etc/fstab" with hda1 mounted as dos-partition.

I inserted a line

/dev/hda1        /mnt/hda1	auto	defaults	0 0
/dev/hda8        /mnt/hda8	auto	defaults	0 0

according to the dos-partitions I have on my harddisk (The above mentioned partitions hda1 and hda8 exist on my aero - it is very sure you have others...)

Now I had to make the "mount-points" (the directory where the partitions will be found). So I changed directory to "/mnt" and made the subdirectories "/hda1" and "/hda8"

cd /mnt
mkdir hda1
mkdir hda8

The partitions will be automatically mounted after a reboot. I wanted to mount them now, so I commanded:

mount /dev/hda1
mount /dev/hda8

I now could change to the directory "/mnt/hda1" and type "ls" (list, the linux equivalent for dos "dir") and saw the files and directories of my dos-primary partition.


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