Lost with a small fish

The webserver hosting these pages is an Compaq Contura Aero 4/33 running Debian GNU/Linux. It integrates as samba-fileserver into my windows-network. It works as mailserver, as MySQL-Server and as rsync-backup solution for my wifes master thesis.

FreeDOS lacks this flexibility. Its networking possibilities are remarkable - surfing with arachne was quite an experience, as well as logging into GNU/Linux from DOS with ssh2dos. But in the end, compared with the capabilities of GNU/Linux on the same weak machine, a DOS-network seems like some lost dinosaur.

Maybe for people with only 4MB RAM it's not overall useless. Maybe as ssh-console for logging into a bigger machine, maybe for learning how to build a low-tech-level network. It's all about hacking.

A small fish swimming in a sea of data.

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