The floppy

FreeDOS Installation

When you try to copy files from the PCMCIA-floppy with the original Freedos Beta 8H1 you receive the message:

"Error reading from drive A: 
DOS area: sector not found"

Solution: Install the newest kernel.sys and It can be downloaded from this location at sourceforge. I used with success and

Unsolved problems yet:

  • The free Norton Commander Clone "Dos Navigator" and related software (Necromancers Dos Navigator) still can't access the PCMCIA-floppy under FreeDOS.

  • Hot swapping is still very restricted. Hot swapping the PCMCIA-floppy works with loaded PCMCIA-drivers when the PCMCIA-floppy was inserted before boot. The floppy is not detected, if I have inserted my network PCMCIA-Card at boot. Neither will the network-PCMCIA-card be detected if the floppy has been inserted at boot.

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